Self portrait of Los Angeles lifestyle and portrait photographer Ken Morris. It's a closely cropped image, Ken looks directly a the camera with a somber expression. He is bald with a short beard and Ken Morris wears a blue shirt. Flowers are behind him.

Hi! My name’s Ken Morris.

I help people and brands tell their stories.

Sometimes that’s through photography and other times that’s through producing video content and indie films. My second feature Obselidia (Dir. Diane Bell) premiered at the Sundance film festival and my most recent film The Allnighter (Dir. Aimee Graham) is available to stream on Amazon.

No matter the format, my biggest goal when working with someone is to bring an authentic voice to the content we mutually create.

As a photographer, I like utilizing texture to convey feeling and emotion. My style is soft, but vibrant and I work with both digital and film.

When I’m not working, you can usually find me puttering around my garden or on the trails around LA with two dogs in tow.

Bah, who am I kidding…

They usually tow me.

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